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This month’s commission sale is for character speedpaints! Base price is $40, though complex characters may be slightly more. Additional characters are $20 each.

-  I offer a wide array of subjects, including humans, anthros, fantasy creatures, etc.

- Gore and nudity are fine, and adult work is accepted but merits a different price guide; email for an estimate on nsfw material.

- The sale price is limited to 3 slots.

Go here for further commission info and examples, and for an up to date list of slots!

Contact me at to request a commission or for any questions you may have! If you aren’t interested in or able to afford a commission, reblogs are always noticed and very appreciated :) Thank you!

Whew! Finally finished the detail study for my Thumbelina piece! 

It took well over a month, as I kinda got hung up with bringing it up to well-rendered finished, but I’ve learned SO much about digitally painting figures, bubbles, and metal from doing this—and I only worked on it for about four hours every week, between all my other studies. It’s certainly built my confidence for tackling the final painting! I originally intended to do more of a quick colorizing method with the pencils, but I found myself correcting so much of the original anatomy (and a little of the perspective on the tubes) that much of the initial pencil work ended up becoming completely covered. I’m considering going back and completely re-penciling Thumbelina so i can paint her again in a much faster and looser style, since she is a much smaller element in the piece. It is tempting just to paste my study in, but I don’t want to take the lazy way out.

Next big goal first, though: Completely finish the Fussy Otter Painting. :) 

Today’s Figure Drawing 1 Ovoid Manakin sturdiest from Bouguereau, Robert McGinnis, Frazetta, J.W. Waterhouse, and Terry Dodson. Brownie points to anyone who can name the paintings/works any of these poses are from. :)

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